As a business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve achieved a certain level of success. But you’re not sure how to take your business to the next level, or optimize the way you take money out to pay yourself, pay benefits to employees or save for retirement. You’re probably paying too much in taxes. As an Asset Coach & Tax Strategist, Robert Wolf and his firm, Terra Firma, are here to help.

The basis of what we do is consulting and educating. We are hired to develop a comprehensive business plan filled with actionable strategies which you can implement. But if you would like us to take the ball and run with it, we offer a network of professionals to provide a complete, customized menu of services. These range from bookkeeping to 401(k) plan administration to human resources and more.

The IRS wants you to apply for these credits

In one case, we were able to go back three years and obtain $136,000 for one of our clients, a physical therapy firm. With gross annual revenues of only $1.7 million, this was a huge amount of money for them, and it came on top of the taxes we’d already saved them by structuring their assets differently! Each client and each business is completely unique, and we will treat you accordingly.

Recovered: $136,000 for a physical therapy firm


Taxes are one of the big “Economic Termites” which can drastically eat away at your wealth. That’s why Terra Firma Consulting focuses on strategies to mitigate taxation in order to build wealth. It’s not just how much you make, it’s about how much you keep. And as a business owner, you have more options available to you than an employee when it comes to paying your fair share to the IRS.

As a business consultant for business owners, Terra Firma will help you get a handle on your cash flow and taxation for both your business entity, as well as your personal financial life. The two are inextricably linked, and at the end of the day, building your personal wealth using your business is our goal. We can help you analyze where you may be losing money, and help you change course.


Your business could be entitled to large cash incentives and credit programs offered at the federal, state and local levels? Are you one of the 9 out of 10 businesses MISSING OUT on unclaimed money for your business? We can help!

We can help!


Since 1981, when Reagan established tax credits for businesses for “enhancing, modifying or improving products or services,” there has been money available—$20 billion set aside to be exact—that very few businesses know about, even though they very well could qualify. Nearly every business can qualify, provided they are making improvements, have at least one W-2 employee and pay taxes.


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